January 4, 2017

This agreement is concluded between Web Studio Bestelse hereinafter referred to as Bestelse and Developer.

1. Data privacy

1.1 Bestelse does not distribute confidential data to third parties, except for other Developers

1.2 Developer agrees not to disseminate confidential data about another Developer to third parties with the exception of other Developers

2. Obligations of the parties

2.1 The developer undertakes to provide Bestelse with all the information about himself that is of interest, if none is available

2.2 The developer undertakes to perform the assignment on time and on a fixed fee

3. Payment terms

3.1 Reward to the Developer depends on the cost of the Order and is paid once for the payment period for the work performed. One payment period is two weeks.

In the event of late payment by the client, the Developer receives a reward of 0.25 percent for each delayed day, but not more than 30 days. If no full payment was made within 30 days after the completion of the order, the Developer is not considered a reward

In the event of a delay in the execution of work from the Bestelse Party, there are no additional commissions

4. Ownership rights

4.1 The developer does not have the Right to any property under any circumstances

5. Acceptance rights

Bestelse reserves the right to cancel the order at its discretion. The developer does not have the right to appeal Bestelse's decision